Friday, December 17, 2010

WHAT AN HONOUR !!! ... I Met Jessica Watson !!! :)

Hi Everyone, ... Well ... I attended Jessica's Book Signing at ROUSE HILL (Sydney) on Saturday 11th December, 2010 ..... AND . . . 
. . I Had The Pleasure & Honour of Personally Meeting JESSICA WATSON ..... And AN HONOUR IT WAS !!!
Discounting Relatives, She is The Most Sincerest, Honest, Friendliest, Happiest, Loveliest Person I have Ever Met (I Really mean That Jess).

I had a Photo taken with Jess but haven't been able to Upload it yet as I am having trouble tranferring it from my Mobile Phone Cam, but I'll Do It A.S.A.P..

I had made a Poster for Her Homecoming Event that also had a 17th Birthday Wish On It, which I intended to Present to Her on The Day, but I was unable to Attend The Homecoming Event:  I also missed 2 or 3 Book Signing Events (where I would have presented it to Her) just after TRUE SPIRIT was Released; so I Vowed to One Day Make It My Business to Meet Jess and Present it to Her In Person.  When She unrolled it and saw My BLOGGER NAME on it, Her eyes lit up and She said ...
     "Aaaawwww ...  So You're  ' YOU-CAN-DO-IT-JESSICA-WATSON !!! '  
..... I Remember You From The BLOGS  (She Smiled) ... Thank You Very Much For All Your Support !!! "  . . . . . That was a Real Honour to hear that out of All of Her Followers/Fans, She had Remembered My Name and Acknowledged It ... Thank You Jessica  :)   
... It was A Real Pleasure to Follow and Support Your Voyage:  It was Just Like Being There With You.  Thank You For Taking Us With You and Sharing Your Excitement and Experience With Us.

Another Highlight of Following Jessica, was that I met (Online) another BLOGGER called DEB'S, who Breeds Guinea Pigs (Cavies):  Jessica's Little Sister, Hannah, also has Guinea Pigs (I used to Breed them too) ..... Anyway, shortly after Jessica Departed Sydney Harbour, one of Deb's Female Guinea Pigs gave birth to 3 babies.  Deb posted the News on Her BLOGSPOT with Photos.  I posted a Comment asking if She had Named them yet, and suggested that if She hadn't, and if they were ALL FEMALES, that I thought it would be Nice if She Named Them IN HONOUR of JESSICA & ELLA'S PINK LADY, and HANNAH (that is JESSICA, ELLA, HANNAH) . . . Deb's replied saying that She thought it was a Great Idea ......... Pending that they were all Females and looked like 'a JESSICA', and 'an ELLA', and 'a HANNAH ' ... (I'm pretty sure JESSICA WATSON would have been Honoured either way).  Soon after they were born (it's hard to tell if they are male or female for some time after birth), DEB'S Posted on Her BLOGSPOT that They WERE ALL FEMALES and had been NAMED In Honour of JESSICA, ELLA, and HANNAH.  When I Met Jessica Watson, I Presented her with about 21 Photos of These Beautiful Little Baby Guinea Pigs - One Set of about 6 or 7 Photos ... (a) Just after Birth, (b) 1 Hour after Birth, (c) 1 Week Old, (d) 1 Month Old ... for Jessica (I'll send Hannah a Set separately C/- Buderim Post Office ... lol ... I'm sure The Post Office will Find Her) . . . . . and Two Sets of 7 Photos (1 Set for Jess and 1 Set for Hannah) which were taken on 21st October (2010) ....... All Photos Were Laminated.  I Hope and I'm Sure That Jessica and Hannah (and Pink Lady ...LOL) will Get Enjoyment from them, and have them as A Momentum of Two of Jessica's Fans who Love and Respect Her and Are Very Proud Of Her.
I'll Post some Photos of Them on here once I have Labled Them on the Actual Photo, and asked DEB'S Permission to do so.

When I Posted Comments on Jessica's BLOGS .... I always Signed of as follows . . . 

" Have A SAFE And HAPPY VOYAGE ... but Most Of All ... HAVE FUN !!! " 
 Signed:  " YOU CAN DO IT JESSICA WATSON !!! "   (Blogger Name)  
                                             N.M.   xx                                                                              

I Now Say . . . 
 I Alway said   " YOU CAN And WILL Do It JESSICA WATSON !!! "  
 and to  " Have A SAFE And HAPPY VOYAGE ... but Most Of All ... HAVE FUN !!! "  

 " Well Jessica, You Certainly DID THEM ALL !!! "  

 " Your VOYAGE May Have ENDED . . . BUT . . . Your JOURNEY HAS 'JUST BEGUN' !!! "  

 " America may have THE AMERICA'S CUP !!! ... But AUSTRALIA Has JESSICA WATSON !!!!! "  




Friday, December 10, 2010


Apologies fo Neglecting This BLOG ..... I have been really Busy lately.

After being unable to attend Jessica's Homecoming Event or any of her Appearances in Sydney, I am happy to announce that I am finally going to be able to attend her Visit to Dymocks at Rouse Hill Town Centre (Shopping Centre) on Saturday 11th December 2010; and hopefully meet Jessica in person.  I hope that I can meet her, as I have a couple of Personal Messages from some of her Blog Friends.  Also, Zac Sunderland (Abby's Brother) has asked me to say Hello for him, as I am a Facebook friend with Zac and Abby.

I am looking forward to his since she arrived home.  I made a Special Welcome Home Poster for Jessica with a Special Birthday With on it.  I intended to present it to her at Her Homecoming Event, but as I was unable to do so, I vowed that I would Personally Present It to her at Her First Public Appearance that I was able to attend.  I have been guarding it like it was a Treasure, because it is for one of Australia's Treasures ... JESSICA WATSON !!!

I'll attempt to have a Photo Taken with Jessica (with her holding it up for all to see), and Post It on here, and/or on my Facebook Young Achievers Support Profile, and also on Jessica's Facebook Fan Page Profile if I am able; and also on TWITTER.

My FB is  ...  YouCan DoIt Too  and the LINK Is  ...

My  TWITTER  Name is  ...