Wednesday, October 19, 2011

2 Years Since Jessica Set Sail from Sydney Harbour

It's Hard To Believe . . .

. . 2 Years Ago, Yesterday, 18th October (which was a Sunday), Jessica Watson Set Sail from Sydney Harbour on Her Solo Non-Stop Unassisted Voyage Around The World, on Her Beloved Yacht ... ' Ella's Pink Lady ', leaving behind for the coming 210 Days, Her Family & Friends, Her Support Crew and Numerous Volunteers, and Sponsors, who helped her prepare for The Voyage of a Lifetime; together with an Ocean of New Friends who would Follow Her Every Nautical Mile.

 These New Friends being all Her Fans & Supporters, who would become part of Jessica's Voyage, by Following Her On Website Blog ..... to Accomplish Her ' Dream ' !!!

 This Ocean of New Friends soon became Global ..... That is 5 Oceans of New Friends:
The Whole World Was Following Jessica Watson & Ella's Pink Lady.

The Rest Is History . . .

. . "Happy 2nd Anniversary of Your Departure from Sydney Harbour to You & Pink Lady, Jessica; and to Your Crew (Your Stuffed Toys), and Parker (anyone who doesn't know about Parker will Just have To Read 'True Spirit').

Here's A Little Something to Celebrate, Jess.. And for those of you who have Jessica's CD ('Song's of The Pink Lady') ... Listen to The Words Closely ... It kind of Explains The Meaning Of Jessica's Voyage Verbatum. For those who don't have It ..... Please Buy It ... It's well worth it. And Listen to The Other Songs on it Word For Word ... If you Followed Jess on Her Blogs, or even if you have only read 'True Spirit' , they each tell The Story of A Particular Part of Jessica's Voyage: Well, that's how I Hear Them, anyway. One day I tell you what I mean.​=nJj1tn-t_2E

..... And now Jessica is realising Another Dream . . .
. . She, together with a Team of Talented Sailors, is in Training for The Sydney to Hobart Race, which begins on December 26th (Boxing Day), and has A New Yacht, appropriately Named ... 'anotherCHALLENGE' ......... and Yes! It's Pink (well Pink & White to be more precise). We ALL wish Jessica and Her Crew, The Very Best of Congratulations in the preparation, and Success in Training and Fullfilment of Her New Goal.

Signed: " You-Can-Do-It-Jessica-Watson !!! " (Blogger) NM

p.s.  I recently Purchased The 2nd Edition of True Spirit ( I also have The First Edition, which Jess signed for me, together with The DVD and CD, when I met her at the Book Signing at Dymocks on 11th December, 2010 at Rouse Hill in Sydney (It states on my Facebook Photo that it was Dec. 19th ..... I must fix that).
I read The Final Chapter "What Happened Next " first of all ..... and, on Tuesday 18th, I began to read Part Two 'The Voyage' ... and Today, I began Reading Stage One (but only that relating to Monday 19th, October, 2009): I intend Reading it as it happened, just as if I was reading Jessica's Blogs Day by Day, as I read them during Her Actual Voyage; I'll read The Daily Blogs as They Happened, and the Parts between each Blog Entry on the days where she didn't write a Blog Entry. I have also (tonight) began reading from the Very Beginning (which I'll do at a leisurely pace).
Yes, I know ..... It will take me 210 days to Read It. It will be Just like Following Her & Pink Lady on The Voyage All Over Again.
Actually, it will take me more than 210 days to Read The Whole Book; because, I'll be reading 'What Happened Next' once again, beginning on May 16th, 2012.

I posted A Comment/Message on Jessica's Official Facebook Page ...!/Neville.J.Madden?sk=info
.. It's rather lengthy, but it's kind of A Celebration Story. i have also included A Link to A Very special Song.
I hope you get a chance to read it.

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